Arts & Crafts celebrates 10 years – the unsung hero of the the label? Kevin Drew’s dad

From The Globe and Mail:

Some call it family. Others, a community. How about a savvy, well-oiled going concern? Whichever. High-fives all around for a business that thrives in an uncertain industry. Back slaps for a record label and management house that earns envy internationally for its output and talent. And huzzah, why not, for a success story that this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Earlier this week, its was announced that Arts & Crafts would throw a birthday party for itself involving a Toronto concert of its famous artists, including Leslie Feist and a reunited Broken Social Scene.

If there’s an unsung hero to the A&C story, it’s David Drew, father of label co-founder and BSS leader Kevin Drew. The younger Drew spoke recently about his contribution:

“It was a confusing time. He came on board to represent me at the label and also to help me wear both hats, running the band. I know for a while there that the staff knew my father way more than they knew me. He was a book distributor for 30 years, and he helped us when the U.S. government brought in a 30-per-cent withholding tax around 2008. It was a massive issue for us. Once you eliminate your cash flow, it’s very difficult to figure out how you can move ahead, and how to get in and out of these cities when you’re on tour. We spent many agonizing hours trying to figure out ways to deal with this, and with the band accountant and my dad, we did. They came up with a really good system, one that many argued was wrong. But I’ve been audited by the IRS twice, and there’s nothing there. If my dad wasn’t around to help me, there’d be no way I’d still be here doing it.”

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