Kroum Pindoff, Music World owner and philanthropist, dies at 97

From The Toronto Star:

STEVE RUSSELL/STAR FILE PHOTO Eva and Kroum Pindoff made the largest ever personal contribution to the Canadian Red Cross disaster relief in 2005.

Kroum Pindoff made millions as the founder of Music World records, a popular Toronto-based chain of stores that had its heyday when the LP was king.

Mr. Pindoff was born in Macedonia. His wife Eva was born in Germany, and it’s from there the couple crossed to Canada in 1955 as penniless immigrants.

While later amassing a fortune selling records, he and Eva also gave more than $20 million to the Red Cross, notably to aid victims of landmines and for disaster relief, and millions more toWar Child Canada, in a pledge to help young victims of war.

Mr. Pindoff died peacefully in his sleep at his Toronto home Wednesday evening. He was 97.

Mr. Pindoff started out selling records on consignment to local stores. Eventually, he went into business for himself, and started Pindoff Record Sales, which grew, as did Music World, the company he went on to launch in 1970.

The latter would expand to over 100 stores across the country at one point. He sold the business around 2007, and a short time later it filed for bankruptcy and its remaining locations were shut down, a victim of online music and distributors of discounted recordings.

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