Farmers were baaa-ffled after hundreds of sheep are branded with smiley face. Problem solved now.

From The Sun and Huffington Post:

A mysterious smiley face has appeared stamped on the side of hundreds of sheep across the UK.

The odd image was first spotted on 20 animals grazing in a field in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

There have since been sightings in a further five fields, from Perthshire in Scotland to Exeter, 500 miles away in Devon

Photos of the sheep have gone viral on Twitter, with users sharing sightings and speculating about the source of the smiley face – using the hashtag #creepysheep.

Pranksters are being blamed for the bizarre branding – but some internet users are convinced aliens are responsible.

Farmers, meanwhile, are scratching their heads – wondering why their flocks have been targeted.

On Friday, however, the mystery behind the faces was solved. And as it turns out, they weren’t crop circles after all.

According to industry site PRexamples, the faces were just a publicity stunt executed by Alton Towers, a Staffordshire amusement park about to debut a new roller coaster.