Girls’ Lena Dunham on Taylor Swift and Drake

From Vulture:

You were talking about Taylor Swift last week, and you said that some of your Twitter followers were horrified to learn that you like her.

Like three quarters of the girls that follow me love Taylor Swift, and one quarter are hipster doofuses who think the fact that she is … here’s the thing. Anyone who thinks Taylor Swift isn’t good for the girl cause has to be crazy, because any woman who’s dominating the charts, the creative director of her own empire, and made whatever millions of dollars last year is only lifting us up. Killing it. And she’s super-creative, an amazing role model, beautiful.

What was that Drake quote in Vanity Fair about? (“Drake is not interested in you romantically or even sexually.”) Is there a story?

There’s no Drake story except I think that the first time I was in Interview magazine, they asked, “Who do you want to interview?” And I was like, “Drake.” And they said, “Uh, we cannot get anyone to call us back. Drake doesn’t care.” And I didn’t expect Drake to care, although I know Drake has a crush on Kat Dennings; that’s his type. And I love Kat, and I’m happy for her, but I also think I just loved — I felt this real kinship when I listened to his last album that he was sort of … I think kinship is the wrong word, but I don’t think I understood how much of a rap trope talking about [how] the bitches and the weed and the money was not satisfying you was. I thought he was a fucking rap revolutionary.

I actually think that if someone would get him a Girls screener, he’d do it.

I hope that he would connect to it. Once I spent, like, honestly a week of trying to figure out the chronology of all of Drake’s ex-girlfriends online. It was the saddest week of my life — I was on websites that I’d never even heard of before, like I had a real moment with him, and it wasn’t reciprocated. But if I run into him now, I’m gonna be nice.

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