Top 7 Most Common Email Mistakes

From Fanbridge:

Don’t let simple mistakes set your email campaigns up for failure. We polled our Client Service team to find out what the most common email campaign mistakes were. These are easy-to-fix errors that cause a whole slew of issues, from deliverability to just plain poor performance.

1. No text
Your flyer looks great, but it’s still just an image. This is a double problem. First, email providers find messages without any text highly suspicious and will frequently route them to spam or reject the message altogether. Secondly, if a user is on a mobile device they may not be able to view your image at all. This brings us to point 2…

2. No alt. text
Alt Text is the text that appears in lieu of an image loading. It’s great for mobile devices that can’t display images, or for when a mobile user doesn’t have service. Without alt text, an image heavy campaign can be completely useless for a mobile reader. For info on how to add alt text, check out Scott’s blog post on optimizing campaigns for mobile.

3. Too long subject lines
Keep it short and sweet. Email providers only display so many characters, with mobile apps often showing even less. Subject lines should absolutely be under 50 characters, with essential information in the first 20.

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