New Order’s Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook are back to loving each other. Just kidding. They still hate one another.

From The Guardian:

The never-ending row between Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook is rumbling on, with Sumner now claiming New Order never completed their last record because Peter Hook was too busy DJing. While the rest of the band hoped to continue writing songs for their 10th studio album, Hook was busy travelling the world on “the celebrity DJ circuit”, according to Sumner.

The singer-guitarist said New Order were still very much a going concern after they released Waiting for the Sirens’ Call in 2005. Although he and the band had “lost respect” for Hook after the bassist bought the Hacienda’s trademark rights, around 2001, they had pushed through that problem. But the musicians’ relationships did not improve as Hook struggled with alcoholism and checked into rehab.

“When he came out of treatment … he was a worse person, in my opinion,” Sumner told Spinner. “We did a tour of South America, in which he was a very angry man, and he got really into the celebrity DJ circuit. We did the music for Control, and [director] Anton [Corbijn] wanted ambient, quiet music. I said [to Hook]: ‘If you want to play on it, you’re quite welcome.’ ‘Can’t do that; I’m DJing.'”

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