Want to share your sexual conquests? Sadly, there’s an app for that

From Techcrunch:


Our own John Biggs could tell you that there were some terribly neat projects to be found at the PennApps Hackathon, but not every app there was… on the up-and-up, let’s say. Case in point: a group of young developers whipped up an iOS app called Playbook that lets people upload and rate pictures of their romantic conquests with their so-called “bros.”

Really. Just let that sink in for a moment.

The concept itself is simple but tremendously douchey — after adding your friends, you can upload pictures of your romantic conquests and share them as one would share an ice-cold Natty Ice with your frat brothers on a warm spring night.

Naturally, you’re also able to indicate just how far you got with the poor girl using a particularly tired baseball metaphor, while all your bros can comment on the quality of your so-called “play” (ugh). If you’re lucky (and not necessarily that sort of lucky), one of your bros will appreciate your play and they’ll send you $5 for a beer via Venmo’s mobile payment system. Meanwhile, your plays and those of your closest bros are funneled into one big stream for easy perusal. Wonderful.

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