You can get a piece of J Dilla’s Up-for-Auction Vinyl Collection for pretty cheap…

J.Dilla’s record collection is available to all now for purchase.

Now with the verification from Ma Dukes, a limited amount of J Dilla’s personal record collection is being offered for sale with a signed and numbered certificate from Ma Dukes!

These records come from the storage unit that Dilla and Ma Dukes moved his records and personal recordings in after his Detroit basement flooded. Then shortly thereafter he moved to Los Angeles. The storage unit was left by Dilla and taken care of by Ma Dukes but lost once Dilla fell ill and priorities changed. After 5 years it was recently found again. The back payments and fees were paid and Ma Dukes was reunited with the contents she last saw just before leaving to L.A. to take care of Dilla. A planned 2 week trip that turned into years.

All the J Dilla (Slum Village…etc.) test pressings, personal recordings, personal items, tapes, along with a large portion of the record collection are being held by Ma Dukes for inclusion in a possible future Hip Hop museum and upcoming record release projects.

$29.99 gets you a record, Ma Dukes choice (no requests), from James Yancey’s personal collection. Buy it now at eBay, it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.