Has Prince Made Peace with the Internet?

From The New Yorker:

Prince’s history online has been checkered, at best. Most people know about how jealously he has guarded his material, scouring YouTube for any performance clips and videos and vigilantly removing them. Most famously, he tangled with a Pennsylvania mother who posted a video of her baby dancing as “Let’s Go Crazy” played in the background. And, while most artists of his stature have come around to the promise (as well as the limits) of online distribution, Prince has done his best to botch his digital presence at every turn.

What he hasn’t had, until now, is a sanely designed, low-maintenance Web site. Hopefully, that’s what 20pr1nc3.com is. The site, which went up this past weekend, follows on the heels of a mysterious YouTube account, 3rdeyegirl, which has been hosting videos of tour rehearsals, outtakes, and more. The Web site only has three pieces of content at the moment, but they’re significant: there’s a lyric video for a new song, “Screwdriver”; a short preview for what might be a Montreux concert film; and promotional audio for Prince’s latest protégé, the Cameroonian singer and model Andy Allo (because what would a Prince site be without protégés?).

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