Videos: Strange celebrity PSAs

From Flavorwire:

David Lynch

We’ve showered David Lynch’s anti-litter PSA with love before, and it bears repeating. The director created a macabre, apocalyptic short to help keep the streets of New York City clean. If the style reminds you ofEraserhead, it’s because director of photography, Frederick Elmes, previously worked with the filmmaker on the movie, as well as Blue Velvet. Brace for shots of nasty, hissing rats.

Frank Zappa

If the voice of your conscience has always sounded like Frank Zappa, you’ll enjoy this selection of PSAs he recorded during the 1960s. “Hi, wanna die? Start today. Use a little speed,” he quips. The ads Zappa made for the American Dental Association during the 1980s are equally odd and lovely…


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