Make The Most of Good Press – How To Leverage Your PR Success

From Discmakers:

Once you have established your brand online and start the outreach process to digital media makers, you may start to see features (placements) roll in right away or it may take several weeks of following up. In either case, when the features do come in, what happens next?

Well, you have two options:

Let the feature just sit there. Yes it will be seen by the blogger’s targeted audience (AKA your potential customers/fans). And yes it will help your search engine visibility. But that is it.

Leverage this feature so that it covers the above, but so much more as well, helping you to build your brand, further penetrate niche markets, and establish deeper conversations with your customers.

Here are four ways to leverage digital publicity online, helping you to achieve the most out of each and every feature you receive from a blogger or podcaster.

1. Integrate PR into Social Media (or Share Successes With Customers)

The first and most obvious way to leverage digital publicity is to share the success stories with your fans and customers. There are several places each feature can be integrated with to maximize its reach.

Social Media. A strong social media strategy is all about the content. There is no better content for you to share than what others are saying about you with your fans and customers, giving them an opportunity to feel a part of something.

Although it is not shameless self-promotion which is often viewed simply as spam, sharing these stories is self-promotional, so it is best to spread them out. Make sure that this form of content only appears once every 10 or so posts on Facebook or Twitter.

Also, remember that many social networks give you the option to add a bio or description. Adding in a strong quote from a blogger or podcaster in this section is a great opportunity to further establish your credibility as a brand.

And you don’t need to stick to just the standard, biggest social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are MANY, more niche-focused social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr, that have highly dedicated users, and which can present great opportunities to integrate and leverage your digital publicity.

Press Section on Official Website. Your official website is always going to be the hub of your online presence, no matter what social network is big at the moment. You own it, you control the content, style, and messaging, and it will always exist for your fans to find you.

Make sure that there is a “press” section of your website that covers ALL of the digital publicity you receive. The best way to do this would be to offer the title, a quick excerpt featuring some important quotes or highlights from the feature, and then a link back to the original placement.

This page on your website should have social sharing functionality, such as a Facebook “Like” button, a Twitter “Retweet” button, a Pinterest “Pin” button, and beyond. Depending on the platform your website is built on, there are several social sharing plug-in options to choose from.

Email Signature. Often overlooked as an additional opportunity to promote yourself to direct contacts, your email signature is the perfect place to integrate your digital publicity into your overall digital branding strategy. Below your contact information, add a quote and a link from an article on a highly-visible or credible niche blog or podcast.

Newsletter. Similar to your email signature, your newsletter gives you direct access to your customer, fan and even potential customer contacts. Sharing your recent digital publicity successes through links and quotes is again a great opportunity to further your branding meanwhile ensuring that your most dedicated fans and customers are aware of these successes, making it more likely that these features will be shared our further by others.

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