Martin Mills’ Call to Action: His Billboard MIDEM Speech In Full

From Billboard:

As someone who invests in music – and when I looked at the numbers a few years ago we had written off £25m in unrecouped advances to artists over the years – it makes me fume when politicians cosy up to the big techs at our cost and spout philosophically about the needs of the modern world, about us being dinosaurs, and about music’s irresistible urge to be liberated and free. All in life needs balance and vision, and the likes of Neelie Kroos  miss that point. When businesses make money out of music, music rights owners must have the right to a fair share of that income.

And to what economic end for society are such tech companies favored? My small company, admittedly a very successful one last year, apparently paid more tax – at the proper rate – in the UK last year than Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon put together. How can politicians discriminate in favor of companies who most citizens would perceive as cheating the taxman ? In what way does that make any sense at all for society?

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