U2 manager Paul McGuinness: ‘I don’t want to engage in Google-bashing, but…’

From MusicAlly:

Paul McGuinness famously spent a good chunk of an hour-long press conference lambasting Google at Midem 2012. He returned to the subject this morning at this year’s event, albeit in less aggressive style. Slightly.

“I don’t want to engage in Google-bashing, but there is a sense of unease across Europe, across the world about Google,” he said.

“Google have been making encouraging noises about restricting illegal sites or directions to illegal sites for acquiring music. The noises are very encouraging, but I’d like to see some action. It’s as simple as that.”

McGuinness did praise Google, but said he wants the company to take more responsibility in the realm of copyrighted content.

“Google have brought so much to civilisation in terms of spreading knowledge and informing the world. I know they’re ingenious, we all know they’re ingenious, but they are making money from directing people to piracy,” he said.

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