Aimee Mann on the life of a touring and recording musician

From Wears The Trousers:

Over the summer you prompted a very interesting discussion about the difficulty of balancing the books as a touring and recording musician, and it all got kind of heated. Did some of the responses shock you or did it merely confirm that making music these days is becoming more and more of an uphill struggle?

It didn’t totally shock me. Most of the replies that I got on Twitter were super supportive, but I think that people are built in such a way that if everyone around them is doing something, it becomes incorporated into their moral structure. It’s very hard to think you’re doing anything wrong if everybody is doing it; you feel entitled to it. When people are able to do something, they feel entitled to do it, and when they have been doing something for a while they feel entitled to keep doing it. So I think, psychologically, that’s really the uphill battle. Obviously I have a lot of objections to that, but the main one is when people just don’t wanna look, when they don’t wanna hear the reality of it. Or they argue with you about what the reality of it is, and I find that kind of obnoxious.

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