Interview: Jean-Michel Jarre: “Authors aren’t benefiting from their own creations”

From Midem:

Jean Michel Jarre is at midem with two missions — to help build bridges between the music industries of China, Taiwan and the West; and to lend his support to the French collecting society SACEM, and its dynamic new president, Jean-Noel Tronc.

Jarre has long been a vocal supporter of IP protection, lobbying on behalf of artists, authors and composers, who believe they are being unfairly recompensed for the use of their work by ISPs, telecom operators and file-sharing sites.

He said: “It’s unacceptable that the authors are the only people in the creative ecosystem who are not benefiting from their own creative efforts. The commercial strength of the music industry depends on its capacity to protect its product and I am happy to help SACEM in their mission to achieve this.”

This and more in the midem News’ third and final issue, online here.