Midem 2013: Robert Scoble talks Music in the Age of Context

From MusicAlly:

Robert Scoble is one of Silicon Valley’s most respected bloggers and tech evangelists, with a role as startup liaison officer at Rackspace Hosting, and a famous enthusiasm for seeking out new and interesting startups and technologies.

He took the stage this morning at Midem for a presentation on ‘Music in the Age of Context’, in which he outlined some of the new technology that’s exciting him, how it’s all weaving together, and what it may mean for musicians and the music industry.

“Last year I started seeing a new pattern happening,” he said. “Context.”

Five trends: wearable computing, including smart watches and the Google Glass augmented-reality glasses project; Big data and data computation; new kinds of sensors in devices; social network uptake. “I’m continuing to see social network behaviour double every month or so,” he said. And finally, location data also increasing exponentially “in density and sharpness”.

Scoble also said that context is about a “highly anticipatory world”, as people put more data into Google, Facebook, email and other services. “These things are gonna get ahead of us,” he said, pointing to the Google Now service, which tries to serve up information users need before they actively seek it.

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