Twitter Gets More Transparent With A New, Dedicated Site Reporting 6,646 Copyright Complaints And 1,858 Gov’t Info Requests

From Techcrunch:


Twitter, now at 200 million monthly active users, is ramping up to be a big player in content delivery with embedded video services from Vinethe latest move in that direction. But to play nice with rights holders and authorities, it is also making sure that it’s keeping all activity clean. To that end, today the company launched a new, dedicated site,, where it will house all updated stats and other information linked to information requests from government officials, copyright flags from content companies, and full-blown takedown requests.

In honor of this, Twitter today also released updated figures for what government and rights holders have been requesting of the social network. Since January 2012 it has had 6,646 takedown requests; 1,858 government information requests but only 46 takedown requests.

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