What Matt Stone and Trey Parker teaches us about the fundamentals of entertainment

From The New York Times:

Over the course of 16 seasons and 237 episodes, “South Park,” an assault on good taste built on the misadventures of four crudely animated and crudely spoken boys, has entered every pore of the culture. In the meantime, the two creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have helped put Comedy Central on the map, made four feature films, produced a sitcom and landed a Broadway hit with “Book of Mormon,” produced by Scott Rudin and Anne Garefino and created along with Robert Lopez.

Now Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker are about to finish a video game version of “South Park,” and they recently announced that they were forming a production company called Important Studios, valued at $300 million.

The success of “South Park” is a stark lesson in the fundamentals of entertainment: if you tell stories that people want to hear, the audience will find you.

This is true no matter how fundamentally the paradigms shift, or how many platforms evolve.

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