Men accused of stealing $65,000 in chicken wings just in time for Super Bowl

From CBS Atlanta:

It’s an alleged inside job that has ruffled some feathers – two storage facility employees accused of stealing $65,000 in frozen Tyson chicken wings.

Gwinnett County police arrested Renaldo Jackson and Dewayne Patterson. Both are listed as employees at Nordic Cold Storage, where the wings were stolen.

A woman who claimed to be Patterson’s mother told CBS Atlanta she believes he is innocent.

“He’s a really law-abiding person,” the woman said. “That’s why I don’t understand that at all.”

So, exactly how much chicken was stolen? One five-pound bag of frozen Tyson’s chicken wings sells for about $12.50. If you do the math, that’s about 26,000 pounds of wings.

Shopper James Collins theorizes that the timing of the heist is perfect, as a nationwide chicken shortage drives up the price of wings.

“$65,000 in chicken wings? Sounds like a well-planned heist with the Super Bowl coming up,” Collins said.