9 Tips for Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

From Tunecore:

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TuneCore Artist Ariel Rubin has been busy.  She ran two successful crowdfunding campaigns in the past two years, and her new group Ariel + The Undertow just released a debut, self-titled record.  Ariel took the time to share some great tips with us on how to approach and get the most from a crowdfunding campaign.  Whether you’re just thinking about starting one yourself, or are already in the middle of one, we think these tips are worth checking out…

1. Find a Clear Story
Ask yourself how does my project relate to others’? What is the human angle? What was the challenge that arose in my own life that created the drive to make this? People relate to the moments of struggle we all face, however great or small, and they like to hear how they push us to create something new.

2. Be Inclusive
Phrase your write-up inclusively using “together we can do this” language as opposed to “I need your help.” Just like building any relationship, your fans want to see the effect they will have, and directly see themselves as linked to you and your project.

3. Edit
Once you have your story and pitch constructed, edit it as concisely as possible. We are bombarded with so many email and Facebook cries for help that if you can’t get people engaged in the first few sentences, you may lose them forever.

4. Emulate Success
Research other projects similar to yours and make note of what they said and how they laid out their information.  I looked at a lot of “how to make a successful video” tutorials as well as projects by people like Amanda Palmer who have had amazing results inspiring fans to take part.

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