BPI Chief Geoff Taylor On Google’s Search Problem, HMV’s Future, Moribund Digital Economy Act

From Billboard:

One of BPI’s main concerns is ensuring that the U.K. has a strong legislative framework that protects and supports the music industry. What are the most urgent measures needed to in this regard?
We fear government is somewhat taking the success of British music for granted. Digital music is an area where there is exceptional potential for growth. We’ve gone from streaming being something hardly anyone had heard of two or three years ago to there being 3.7 billion audio streams in the U.K. last year. Meanwhile, digital album sales continue to grow, so there is tremendous growth in this business and growth both in the U.K. market and in exports.

We need to get government to support that growth through their policy measures and that means three main things: To make sure that term extension is implemented in a way that actually works for the business; that copyright policy is pushed in a direction that supports creative companies rather than the U.K. government looking to water down copyright to benefit technology companies; thirdly, helping us grow the legal digital marketplace by helping to [stop] the illegal side of the market. That means supporting our calls for search engines to rank illegal sites below legal sites. It means getting on with Digital Economy Act implementation and making it easier for us to get blocking orders for the illegal sites.

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