Game Changer: Listening Rooms on Facebook (with Soundrop)

From Evolver:

facebook music soundrop group listening

Digital music wonks (like us) got all excited when Facebook added the ability to let you jump in to what someone else is listening to, in real time. Maybe that’s cooler as a concept than an actual thing, though. It’s certainly not something that I do — and I listen to music as much as I can, and check Facebook probably too much. If I’m not using Facebook real-time music listening, logic would dictate that no one is.

In spite of that — or because of it — we’re intrigued by Soundrop‘s announcement that it is putting listening rooms on Facebook artist pages. This upstart Spotify app already impressed us by building a real-time group listening platform on top of a super-arcane computing language that somehow emerged from Ericsson, which can apparently scale far beyond, and then by mobilizing that for outside embedding.

This means that one listening room can exist in multiple places. This is what we expected from the future, even that future also means people can’t stop talking about people talking about a banana slicer.

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