Where do roadies go when they aren’t on the road? Omaha.

From Omaha.com:

Neal Duffy’s job takes him to Europe this week with the band Neon Trees, and he’ll be working at Madison Square Garden later this month.

Chad “Yeti” Ward is flying to Los Angeles to work for the Foo Fighters again.

But when Duffy and Ward — and crew members from other groups — return home, it’s to Omaha.

Duffy and Ward are among dozens of roadies who live here. They’ve worked for popular national bands including Walk the Moon, Bright Eyes, Marilyn Manson, Clay Aiken, Eminem, Cursive, The New Pornographers and many more. Most said they keep a home base here because it’s affordable, it’s nice to live near your family and friends and it’s easy to get from Nebraska to anywhere in the world.

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