Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom for today’s entrepreneurs

From Inc.:

Benjamin Franklin $100 Bill

 After scanning the long list of Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments, one can only come to one conclusion: The American Renaissance Man probably never had an idle day in his life. In his 84 years he became a prominent author, printer, politician, postmaster, satirist, inventor, musician, and diplomat.

There’s much we can learn  from Benjamin Franklin’s work habits and outlook on life that can increase our own productivity.

Here are five ways Franklin overcame the spectre of lazy, wasted days:

1. Start a group and share knowledge

When Franklin was 21, he was a struggling printer in Philadelphia. To increase his connections and to learn more about his industry, he created the Junto group-;a collection of tradesmen who wanted to better their craft and their community. The group had a large appetite for books, but books were expensive. Franklin helped start a library where books were bought and lent amongst Junto members. This sharing of knowledge, experience, and connections helped Franklin become a prominent and respected printer in Philadelphia.

The lesson for entrepreneurs: Find like-minded people and encourage discussion, conversation, and the exchange of ideas. A community of intellectual support will motivate you to get to work, sharpen your ideas, and impress your peers. Websites like and others make creating a local or even international group simple and easy.

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