David Bowie Guitarist Earl Slick on Secret New Album Sessions

From Rolling Stone:

David Bowie has worked with a lot of guitarists over the decades, but he always comes back to Earl Slick. They first teamed up in 1974 for the Diamond Dogs tour. When that wrapped, Slick entered the studio with Bowie to record Young Americans and Station to Station. When Stevie Ray Vaughan walked out of the Serious Moonlight tour at the last minute, Bowie called in Slick. After a long break, Slick reunited with Bowie in the early 2000s for Heathen and Reality and their supporting tours.

Bowie called Slick into the studio last summer for to work on his comeback album, The Next Day, but until this month Slick was forbidden to tell a soul about the secret sessions.

How did you first hear about this project?
I heard about it directly from David last May. We were talking on the phone and he goes, “What’s your schedule like?” I said, “I’m around. What have you got in mind?” One conversation led to the other, and we scheduled to go into the studio in July.

Are they at all similar to the songs on Heathen or Reality? How would you describe the sound of the songs?
Oh God, I don’t know if that man has ever done a record in his life that sounded like the last record he did. Think about it. You do Young Americans and then less than a year later you do Station to Station. You’re talking apples and oranges. Those records, they don’t even . . . it’s a typical Bowie thing. It’s unmistakably David Bowie, but as usual, it’s unlike . . . Obviously, there’s flavors from everything. You might think, “Oh, that sounds like Station to Station and that one sounds a little likeLow.” But there’s no overall sound other than I can tell you it’s just another David Bowie album that sounds different than the last one.

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