Are sponsored albums the next step for artists?

From Vice:

Despite being on an independent label, Mac Miller raked in a cool $6.5 million last year off the back of his social media game plan. A Mac Miller scenario isn’t going to work for everyone. Labels are scared and independents are running out of money. Unless you’ve got a co-sign or an already established name, it’s got to be pretty hard to fund a grandiose debut masterpiece.

But Blink-182s Mark Hoppus reckons that he has the answer. Speaking at music industry conference Midem, he suggested that clothing labels will be the next corporate entities to fund artist albums, after “the fallout of labels”.

“The brand influence on bands right now is something you’re going to be seeing a lot more of. The fallout of labels, the lack of funds they have to fund bands, there are going to be bands who have sponsored recordings…”

Imagine. Odd Future’s next record could be sponsored by Supreme. United Colours of Bennetton could put out the next Vampire Weekend record and, if, Bon Iver ever reformed, they’d be fronted by Gap. In all seriousness though, it sounds like a good idea.

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