Britain to get its own Hollywood Boulevard-style walk of fame

From The Independent:

Britain is to get its own Hollywood Boulevard-style walk of fame in the area of north London that has given the nation some of its finest musical moments. The walk in Camden will be dedicated to the industry’s greatest performers, and those honoured with a stone disc will receive – according to the organisation behind the project – the “highest accolade in music”.

Camden Town has been associated with rock’n’roll and alternative underground movements for the past five decades. In the 1970s, many famous venues hosted performances by everyone from Jimi Hendrix and The Doors to The Clash. In the mid-1990s, many of the same venues were pivotal to Britpop.

Details of the first 20 names to be immortalised will be released in May. Organisers are tight-lipped over who will be included, though sources close to the project say Madonna, Radiohead and US hip-hop pioneers Public Enemy are likely contenders.

One famous Camden resident certain of getting a disc in her honour is the late Amy Winehouse. The singer, who died at the age of 27 in 2011, owned a house in the area and was, according to her father, Mitch, “Camden through and through”.

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