Music Might Be the Most Crucial Element in Your Commercial Mix

From AdAge:

With so much free content around, marketers need to up the bar when they use music in their ads.

The payoff can be substantial. Good music can get a spot noticed; bland music can get it ignored. As my granddaughter Ramsay Hanson, an advertising major at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, told me: “If a TV is on and I’m busy with something else and I hear “blah blah blah buy me now blah blah’ I won’t bother to look up, but if I hear great music, the commercial will definitely get my attention.”

And because the internet has created such sophisticated musical tastes, “music — great music — has become totally decentralized and diffuse, meaning it can come from anywhere (Psy in Korea, Swedish House Mafia, a cover-band singer from Manila), and the traditional revenue streams are struggling to keep up,” Yaron Schwartzman, a partner in Game7Films, said.

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