How The Beatles used “tape stretching” at Abbey Road

From Q Magazine:

One of the hallmarks of 1960s music was the psychedelic music era, roughly running from 1965 to 1968, depending on your perspective. Whether you now consider it the coolest music ever made, or the most-dated music of all time – it certainly is a style-period that deserves some attention.

Certainly, it was one of the coolest eras of Beatles music – when they felt free to break beyond the sound of “a band” and create music that could not be done in real time. They’d already done some playing-about with sonics on earlier records; half-speed and double-speed tape recordings – like on the solo to A Hard Day’s Night which is actually twice the speed they played it. These tape tricks had been done by experimental composers, and even more mainstream artists, like Les Paul… or Pinky And Perky!

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