10 Reasons Why Sweden is the World’s Pop Music Mecca

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Countless music industry observers have asked themselves this question: What is it about Sweden that brings out irresistible hooks and sing-along choruses — in English, no less? For the answer, THR went to the source: the Scandinavian homeland, which gave birth to Britney Spears’ timeless “… Baby One More Time,” Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone,” among many more chart-topping hits.

Enlisted for the task: two members of Stockholm’s own Peter, Bjorn and John, Björn Yttling and Peter Morén, who offer:

Ten Reasons (Cliches and Rumors) Why Sweden is the World’s Third Largest Pop Music Exporter*
*some more true than others

1. The many illegitimate children of Abba, Robyn, Max Martin, Miike Snow and Peter Bjorn & John.
2. A long tradition of melancholic Scandinavian folk-music-melodies resurrected for more commercial reasons. Or: Yes, we had good pop bands way before the Internet.
3. Internet. This explosion would never have happened without the new distribution channels & the shrunken (mental) planet. Plus: Sweden’s got super fast broadband, making it easier to find songs to rip off.

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