9 Ways to Lose the Trust of Your Audience

From Copybloggers:

Know. Like. Trust.
You know the formula by now. When you accomplish that holy trifecta, you’re well on your way to earning a paying customer. You might even win that customer’s loyalty.
But your readers have very sensitive slime radars.
You don’t even need to be a complete slimeball to discredit your character. Your readers’ trust issues may not trace back to the words you say or write — they could even be inflamed by the stuff you don’t say.
Here are nine ways you might be losing your customers’ trust (without even realizing you’re doing it).

1. Your brand does all the talking
If you don’t let your fans and readers interact with your brand, you’re just being a used car salesman.
Perhaps your website is devoid of dialogue. Maybe you don’t have a blog, a forum, or published reviews of your business. The voice on the site is only yours, and no one else’s.
You have all the answers, but no one was given the chance to ask a question.
Why does your site lack opportunities for interaction? Perhaps you’re fixated on moving product out the door as quickly as possible. Or maybe you’re just not interested in what the customer has to say.
Either way, when your brand does all the talking on your website, you’ve got a recipe for distrust.

2. You’re anti-social
I know, I know. You don’t have time for social media.
You actually checked it out. You even set up a couple of accounts. But after a month of sharing your opinions and pitches, nary a cash register rang.
You think you’ve proved it — Facebook’s not worth liking, Twitter is for the birds, and you never really figured out what Google+ was supposed to be about anyway.
But don’t fool yourself. Those billions of customers you’ve chosen not to connect with are going to find relationships elsewhere.

3. You write for robots
Consciously or subconsciously, the heavy-handed practice of keyword stuffing is a certain mistrust trigger.
Do not compose copy solely to get attention from search engine robots. Even if you get the ranking you covet, you need to remember that robots don’t have wallets.
Write for people first, and search engines second.

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