Pope vs. Jobs: The Resignation-Off of the Century

From Wired:

In the latest high-profile resignation to send the technosphere reeling, popular Twitter user and leader of the Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI said Monday that he would resign from the Vatican’s top slot.

Obviously, upon hearing the news it would be physically impossible to avoid drawing parallels to the last abdication of power by a revered, somewhat controversial religious leader with millions of devoted followers: Steve Jobs. Here’s how the two resignations stack up.

Reason for resignation:
Pope: Ailing health
Jobs: Ailing health

Twitter followers:
Pope: 1.5 million
Jobs: 0

Number of distinct outfits:
Pope: 3 (choir, ordinary, vestments)
Jobs: 1

Successor appointed by:
Pope: Conclave, a secret, mysterious gathering of some of the world’s most powerful men
Jobs: The Apple board, which is approximately the same thing plus Al Gore

Wait time before official canonization as saint:
Pope: Many decades after death
Jobs: Canonized in 2007 following launch of iPhone

Approximate reaction of followers:
Pope: “I’m sad to hear this, but they’ll elect another wise leader.

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