Beats betting on curated playlists for upcoming music subscription service

From The Verge:

Jimmy Iovine’s new project out of Beats will move beyond making bass-heavy headphones: It’s the Daisy music subscription service that the company began touting earlier this year. It’s based on the technology developed by MOG, an existing music streaming service which Beats purchased last March. Iovine is promising to provide listeners “what song comes next,” with a special emphasis on curation. “There’s a sea of music, there’s an ocean of music out there,” Iovine says, “and there’s absolutely no curation for it.”

Strangely, he says his new service isn’t in competition with Spotify, saying that Spotify doesn’t have the ability to serve up music that listeners want. He’s also not worried about Apple or Google jumping in, “most technology companies […] are not going to get curation right.” Iovine kept repeating the mantra that the service would give you “what song comes next.” Essentially, Beats is promising to create playlists that are customized to each listener created by music experts.

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