Google stands by decision to end tablet-based ad campaigns

From Paid Content:

Google is overhauling its flagship AdWords service in an effort to raise mobile ad sales and to simplify advertising campaigns. Some advertisers complain that the changes mean a loss of control, in part because the new “Enhanced Campaigns” mean they can no longer create search ad campaigns aimed specifically at iPad and other tablet users.

Google announced its response last week in the form of a blog post describing the new “Enhanced Campaigns.” The new system means mobile ad purchases will be a default option when people sign up to buy Google AdWords (though they can turn the mobile part off). Another major change is Google’s decision to treat tablets and desktops as the same device for ad purposes. This goes against the philosophy of advertisers and publishers who consider the experience tablet a distinct, more immersive experience (though the distinction may be less when, as here, it concerns internet searching).

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