The 10 golden rules of being in a DIY indie band

From The Guardian:

If you long for a life of penury and obscurity, there is a path you must tread. Let the lead singer of London guitarniks Mazes map out that journey for you

1. You probably don’t need a sound engineer

The in-house engineer at the venue invariably knows the room and sound desk better than the guy you’re paying £100 a day to drink your rider. No offence to travelling engineers, but anyone who would rather sit in a van all day for less money than they’d get for showing up to a static venue at 6pm is a sociopath. You can occasionally find an engineer who offers value for money by driving your van as well. These people should be avoided at all costs. You do not want to be sleeping next to someone like this.

2. Hotels

Hotels are a crazy extravagance. Nothing is as cool or DIY as hanging out at someone’s house after a show. Playing records, getting stoned and all that jazz. Maybe even a guerrilla gig? Sure, Travelodges are clean and there’s something comforting about staying somewhere that’s a molecular copy of the last room you stayed in, but sleeping on someone’s floor is a lot more real. Plus you get to inhale as much cat hair and as many dust mites as you’d like.

3. Work with nice people

We are fortunate enough to work with a great label and we have cool sympathetic people doing our press and bookings. This hasn’t always been the case. If a label buys you a drink, that’s great. If they buy you dinner once or twice, that’s cool too. If they buy you dinner every night and offer you coke, then you’re dealing with someone who’s happy to fritter away the ill-gotten proceeds of Robert Johnson, Roky Erickson and Arthur Russell’s genius on expenses at the Shacklewell Arms. Doesn’t bode well for the proceeds of your genius.

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