15 Top Tips For Successful Music Crowdfunding And Fan Funding Campaigns

From Hypebot:

Lots of people are sharing their tips and advice on crowdfunding and fan funding campaigns in areas from music to just about every fundable topic one can imagine. I took five different tips articles, including some not focused on music, and pulled out excellent tips of relevance to musicians. In some cases they address issues not previously discussed on Hypebot and in other cases they amplify key points that are well worth restating.

First Steps

Choose your platform carefully. Think about what you want and what you relate to. (April Maze)

First thing to do if you’re thinking of starting a campaign is fund a project. Get involved in the community. (Cindy Marie Jenkins)

Planning and Budgeting

When budgeting, build in extra padding no matter what. (Kelly Thompson)

Take into consideration that nothing ever goes right in production…and postage. (Cindy Marie Jenkins)


Get creative with your exclusives. But make them realistic and a fair price. (April Maze)

Visualize who would back you at different levels. What rewards would excite them? (Cindy Marie Jenkins)

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