Sharetapes puts a modern twist on the physical mixtape

From Zigmag:

Once upon a time, the analog cassette tape was king. And for those that remember the time, chances are you might also recall having made a mixtape or two as well. Australian-based start-up venture Sharetapes is looking to recapture a little of that old-school magic, albeit with a modern twist, by launching a line of physical cards that you can load-up with playlists from websites like YouTube, Spotify and 8tracks. Users can then share their saved lists with other people’s smartphones using near-field communication (NFC) technology or quick response (QR) scanning codes.

Sharetapes will send out your blank “tapes” in packs of five retro-styled cards. After registering with Sharetapes, users can then enter a link to their saved playlist from any of the supported sites, while also adding a unique code found on the back of each card. Hit “record,” and your mixtape is created.

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