Primal Scream Reunite With Kevin Shields, Wage Class Warfare in Brutal ‘2013’ Video

From Spin Magazine:

Primal Scream’s biggest cultural influence came with 1991 album Screamadelica, when they set a hippies-turned-ravers template for psychedelically inclined rockers embracing what was then not yet known as EDM. But the Bobby Gillespie-led Glaswegian band has been stylistically mobile ever since its early forays into jangly indie pop, and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields all but officially joined the group on 2000’s politics-sharpened XTRMNTR and 2002’s Kate-Moss-stunt-casting Evil Heat. With Shields’ main band triumphantly surprising the world earlier this month via m b v, Primal Scream have returned, as Pitchfork points out, with a video that features the MBV whale-whisperer’s guitar work.

Primal Scream have previously said they’d be releasing a new album titled More Love this year, but now the record has at least a U.K. release date: May 6. It’ll be out via the group’s new label, First International. For what it’s worth, Shields isn’t even the only MBV member to guest on the LP; bassist Debbie Googe has also been confirmed, though it’s unclear whether she plays here.

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