K-Tel Records – The Spotify of the 70s

From Forbes:

There’s a picture of me somewhere in my parents’ basement. It’s Christmas morning. I’m about eleven years old and I’m holding two K-Tel records, beaming like I just received the greatest gifts ever. And in a way, I did. Those records were the gift of music. They gave me the ability to pour through a collection of songs to find something I liked without having to splurge all my saved allowance on a ten or twenty 45s.

Today when I’m looking for new music to listen to I go to Spotify, do a search for one of my favorite artists, then click on “related artists” to find something similar. Soon I’m down the rabbit hole, clicking and listening, clicking and listening, writing down names of band and artists I want to check out further. I eventually end up at iTunes buying a few albums.

How did we do this before the Internet? How did I discover new bands and different genres when I was young? Sure, there was radio, but most radio stations stuck to one or two genres. We had something else. We had K-Tel.

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