Bosnian Rainbows two Canadian shows in February

The new band Bosnian Rainbows formerly known as Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group will be heading East to play some shows in February 2013 – Friday February 22nd at Montreal’s Cabaret du Mile-end and Saturday February 23rd at The Mod Club (Early Show). Don’t miss out, and you can get tickets by clicking on the link above. Or, you can win tickets if you by ReTweeting the contest message on my Twitter stream

“Don’t ask me about any other band or whether they’re touring. This is my new band and it’s what we’re all concentrating on now,” said Omar.

After touring extensively as the Omar Rodriquez-Lopez Group, this tour sees the maiden voyage of Bosnian Rainbows, a prospect which excites the guitarist. “I have put together a whole new group that I will be pretty much touring indefinitely.”

“I’m not a musician, I’m not anything really, all I can aspire to is to be everything.”

The lineup consists of Le Butcherettes’ Teri Gender Bender, current Mars Volta drumming wizard Deantoni Parks, and Nicci Kasper “who is sort of this New York City legend of electronic and hip hop music,” explains the ringleader.

While Rodriguez-Lopez may be happy to describe the act as “a four piece, very stripped down affair,” the combination of his energetic, frenzied playing style coupled with Teri Gender Bender’s ferocious stage presence is nothing short of electrifying.

The new group has also put on a different spin on the way the guitarist crafts his sound. “I think the sound changed just depending on whatever mood I was in or what material I wanted to play. Now, definitely with this new group, the sound will have a new spark to it because it is a whole new, exciting experience, it is collaborative and it’s a whole different type of energy,” he explains.

Bosnian Rainbows have received rave reviews from the critics:

“Omar, clearly a man who constantly requires brand new blood to sustain him, he hasn’t been this energized since The Mars Volta early days, and with an album due to drop in 2013 this just might be the most exciting project yet” – Rock A Rolla – Live Review London, UK

“It was a bold move, fantastically executed by perhaps the most forward-thinking composer of our time, and one that I’d go see again tonight in a heartbeat.” Seattle Weekly – Live Review – City Arts Fest

“Bosnian Rainbows has the potential to rival, and possibly even eclipse, any other band Omar has been a part of.” – FLAB MAG – Live Review – Sacramento, CA

“Whether it be any of his past groups, I don’t need to name them. Alas, Thursday’s performance by Bosnian Rainbows contradicts all the latter terms, this is music that marries feelings of nostalgia with the power of the future. This is the type of music we have all been waiting for.” – Sound Colour Vibration – Live Review – Los Angeles

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