Billy Corgan in Chicago furniture retailers Walter E Smithe ad. Here’s how it happened.

From Flavorwire:

“I was thinking,” ponders the genial middle Smithe brother over the phone from Chicago, “you know, ‘How do you incorporate Billy Corgan, three nerds in suits, and a wrestling team into an advert?’”

How, indeed? And more importantly, why? According to Smithe, despite the apparently incongruous nature of the whole thing, it was, in fact, largely Corgan’s idea: “I’m not sure you can convince Billy of anything,” he laughs. The two met when they were guests on a TV show called The Mancow Experience, and bonded, predictably enough, over wrestling: “I knew Billy had just bought a wrestling team. We both grew up in Chicago, and we both used to love watching wrestling on TV when we were kids… and we just started talking about it. [Then] we started talking about my furniture business. We’re pretty well-known in Chicago — we have 11 stores and we’re about an $80m company. Bascially the idea was, ‘Let’s do something fun together.’ He was like, ‘Oh, I’ll have someone call you in a couple of days.’ Afterwards, I was driving home and thought to myself, ‘Wait… this is never gonna happen.’ But five days later, someone from his office called and said, ‘Hey, we sent over a script.’”

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