Bowie And MBV: Where Are We Now, Then?

From This Is Fake DIY:

The biggest shock of the year so far occurred on the 8th January with David Bowie’s first single in a decade, ‘Where Are We Now?’ and the announcement of a new album. This track created a phenomenal response, his reputation quickly ensuring it was national news, and social media sites filled with people’s opinions. Anticipation to hear the track, the emotions stirred during that first listen, and inevitable debate afterwards, reminded us just how thrilling music can be.

Although My Bloody Valentine might not appeal to the masses like Bowie, they created hysteria amongst the fans who had endured a 20 year wait for the follow up to ‘Loveless’’. As they rushed to download ‘m b v’, they managed to create almost the same level of frenzy as the scrap to get Glastonbury tickets, as the cult band had fans furiously tapping the refresh button, trying to get the bloody thing to download.

I wasn’t born when ‘Loveless’ was released, and missed most of Bowie’s career. Despite discovering acts from the past, indulging in their back catalogues and eagerly anticipating future releases from them, it feels as if you have missed out. You don’t get to have the same connection as fans who’ve been around for the whole of their careers. Instead of listening to each album as they are released and waiting for their next, typically you start at their most accessible or famed piece of music, before making your way through their body of work from there. With many older musicians, you also miss their golden years of touring, or the opportunity to buy a magazine just because they are on the cover.

In ten years or so, will there be bands from my generation who will have me glued to a computer screen, giddy with excitement, waiting to get my hands on their first record in however many years?

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