Thom Yorke: What I’ve Learned

Thom Yorke, the cofounder and lead singer of Radiohead, has just released the album Amok with his other band, Atoms for Peace.

Respect is if you’re having a political argument with someone, just before you get to the point where you call them a fascist, you sort of step back and wonder how on earth they’ve ended up at this point of complete ignorance and stupidity.

It takes a long time for an audience to relax on Monday nights.

Getting everything you want has nothing to do with anything.

If we were going out and just playing the hits and shit, then I would feel very differently about things. But we’re playing new things, and some of it’s very difficult to play, actually. The idea that twenty thousand people come and watch us do some of this music that’s pretty bonkers and certainly not on the radio… that’s a good thing, man. We played in Phoenix, and Ed and I came offstage and looked at each other. Did you see that?