Parents face child abuse charges after 9-year-old boy makes rap video

From Enterprise News:

One video shows the 9-year-old rapper repeatedly slapping the buttocks of a woman who is bent over.

In another video, Luie Rivera Jr., a Brockton fourth-grader also known as Lil Poopy, is shown in various other, sexually charged situations having similar physical contact with other women.

Adults in a crowd cheer the 9-year-old on as he is in a simulated sex situation with a female on a dance floor. People throw dollar bills at the child. A man can be seen telling the fourth-grader to slap the female, who is bent over, on the buttocks. She then gyrates against Rivera, and lifts the boy’s shirt.

These images of Rivera, posted to YouTube in recent months and filmed alongside adults partying at nightclubs, including one in Waterbury, Conn., were too much for Brockton police, who are now lodging a complaint alleging child abuse or neglect against his father, Luis Rivera.

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