Keeping Your Band Together: Top Tips to Blend Your Differing Tastes

From CD Baby:

It can be hard sometimes to reconcile the different tastes of your band — you might want to play nothing but elaborate guitar riffs while your drummer may have an unhealthy obsession with jazz.

Other band members might be moving towards using more electronica or dance samples, even over your concerns. It can become difficult to write songs and get work done on stage when a band’s moving in different directions.

How, then, might you try to blend your band’s varying tastes?

Talk About It

First, create the time to talk about musical problems, and see whether they can be resolved; it may be the case that a band member has had a long harboured interest in one particular genre or style, and thinks that it would work well in a set. Think about how strengths can be improved through diversity, rather than just refusing to entertain the idea that a new musical direction might be a good thing.

Try Experimenting with Different Styles

It’s worth having a go at playing different styles, or even combining them into what you’re already playing – blues and rock guitar gives you a lot of scope to experiment, while adding in some acoustic or classical pieces may not mean having to drastically overhaul your style. At the same time, you can try to find a way of allowing a band member to indulge in their jazz obsession, which is admittedly harder to get working around other styles.

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