Starting tonight, American Idol will start to use Twitter to take instant polls of the audience

From The New York Times:

These days, as more people watch television with a phone in hand or a computer in lap, it’s de rigueur for a network to have a Twitter hashtag on the screen. Television producers and stars — at least the ones with thick skins — appreciate the instant feedback, and now they’re figuring out ways to incorporate it into their shows, thereby completing the feedback loop.

Witness “American Idol,” which on Wednesday will start to use Twitter to take instant polls of the audience.

Graphics on this Fox singing competition will include questions like “Do you agree with the judges tonight?” and two hashtags (words or phrases preceded by a # symbol, making the comment easy to find) with differing answers. Viewers with Twitter accounts, if they want to participate, will post a comment with one of the two hashtags, and the network and its production partner, FremantleMedia, will update the graphic almost instantly as the results come in. They say it will look like an online tug of war.

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