Peter Gabriel, Vint Cerf Launch ‘Internet for Animals’

From Mashable:

A consortium of great brains and famous names launched what it’s calling the “Interspecies Internet” at the TED conference in Long Beach Thursday night. Their goal: facilitate the ability of animals around the world to communicate with us — and each other.

That might sound laughable but for two things. Firstly, the launch team is an impressive one. It includes Vint Cerf, one half of the team that set up the protocols for the original Internet; famed MIT tech guru Neal Gershenfeld; psychology professor and dolphin researcher Diana Reiss.

Oh yeah, and some musician and techie named Peter Gabriel.

Secondly, the animal communication project is well underway. The odd quartet took to the TED stage to show off their research so far with animals that have shown self-awareness — that is, the ability to recognize themselves in the mirror.

From Mashable