How To Tell If You’re A Hobbyist, Not A Professional Musician

From ThinkLikeALabel:

The key question to ask yourself is; “Is the work getting done?”

That doesn’t mean you need to compare yourself with the artist who plays 300 live shows a year, or has just landed a contract with Honda. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. It just means that effort needs to be put into the outward motion process, which is presenting the product to the public in all forms.

The professional musician invests time and/or money into him/herself and either fills all the roles necessary to build the project, or else he/she outsources the work. It doesn’t really matter which. The key point is; the work gets done.

Necessary roles can include management, booking, publicity and promotion (radio and press), merchandising, licensing/publishing, legal aspects.

If you don’t want to personally spend the research and labor time doing all these things, you can always outsource. And you have options: you can either outsource research projects to students or freelancers to build top quality media lists, be your personal assistant, etc., or you can hire companies or individuals to build a team around you.

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