What’s your favorite band t-shirt?

From Creative Allies:

6There’s something about a band t-shirt. It’s either a statement of fandom or irony. Or just great taste in design. Though, no matter how well a concert t-shirt is designed, no one whoisn’t a fan and didn’t enjoy the concert is going to wear it. (Unless said tee is a classic and coveted piece of apparel from an album or tour or concert of legend.) Because not only are t-shirts statements of personal aesthetic, they’re also souvenirs of particular events and moments and memories.

Then again, maybe the best ones are the best just for being rad. The lead vote-getting shirt onLabyrinthe’s Top 10 Rock T-Shirts of All Timepoll is Iron Maiden‘s “The Trooper,” for the 1983 single written about the Crimean War Battle of Balaclava, fought in 1854. It features the band’s  undead, Union Jack-toting mascot, Eddie.



“When you are young and exploring all the magic that rock and roll offers, wearing a shirt of your favorite band feels like an act of defiance,” says HustonPress on its blog about The Top 20 Iconic Rock T-Shirts of All Time. That roundup leads with Death to the Pixies, from that band’s first best-of compilation.

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