A Bob Marley poster is now considered by police as drug paraphernalia

From Philly Burbs:

Tips about suspicious vehicles in a Northampton neighborhood turned out to yield quite the harvest: 28 marijuana plants, bulk-packed marijuana and other drug paraphernalia, police say.

It also led to the arrest of a 20-year-old man who lives in the three-bedroom ranch-style home in the 500 block of Sackettsford Road where police said they found a growing operation. More arrests are likely, Northampton Lt. Mike Clark said Friday.

An investigation started after the tips and police obtained a search warrant for the house. It was executed Thursday, and police said Scott Fosmire and his two roommates were there. The roommates weren’t arrested. The three have rented the home since November, police said.

Also inside the house, police said, were three growing rooms in the basement and in closets equipped with special lighting, a ventilation system and marijuana plants — some as high as 5 feet, as well as bulk-packed marijuana, which Clark described as a “substantial” amount. The landlord is not a suspect and has cooperated with police, Clark said.

Police also said they found other paraphernalia associated with marijuana throughout the house including pipes, scales, books about growing marijuana and two pictures of the late reggae musician Bob Marley, a marijuana user.

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